About Us

Make Your Own Dance Costume.com provides you with all of your costume making needs, from fabric, trims, notions, to accessories; we are your one stop shop for all of your custom costume creations. M.Y.O.D.C.’s founder, Karen Lupton started making dance costumes for her daughter in 1986, she enjoyed it so much that her costume making hobby turned into a successful business under the name, Sew Biz. With over 25 years of manufacturing custom dance costumes in Southern California, Sew Biz has gathered a remarkable group of resources for the business. Now these top-notch resources are available to you through M.Y.O.D.C.  Karen Lupton has loved the creative process of costume making throughout the years, and she hopes that M.Y.O.D.C. will enable you to enjoy the experience as much as she has.